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Professional Service Guaranteed. see our guarantee HERE


We do not leave the sight until you are satisfied with the work.

Payment is expected upon completion, no charge accounts.


Things to consider:

• When the snow melts this spring: where does the water flow to?

Perhaps you will want your snow plowed somewhere near a ditch?


Where does water pool up on your lawn?

 Is there a low spot on your lawn? 

Can snow be piled somewhere on the property to prevent water running where it is not desired?

For example: If snow is piled on the side of the garage, you may know it will run into the garage in spring?...  or into your [house]  crawl space.


Plan where we will bank your snow to avoid these spring issues. 


Client or his/her agent agrees to allow MOJ on the property for the purposes of cleaning services. Client understands that there is no set time frame for the completion of services and multiple visits to the property may be required. MOJ also has the permission to visit the property with little or no notice to assess service needs prior to the date of service, as well as to check completion after services have been rendered.

The Client also agrees to release MOJ of any or all liability for injuries sustained due to equipment placement to include injuries from tripping/falling, striking equipment, falling debris or equipment.

See our collections procedure and Media disclaimer.

Snow Removal Portion


• All areas which can safely be plowed with a plow truck will be plowed with a plow.

• All areas where a Snow Blower can be used, we will use a Snow blower.

•All areas where we need to shovel by hand, we will shovel by hand.

We have many clients needing snow removal, so for time sake we need to be as efficient as possible, while maintaining excellent quality of service.


Snow will be pushed with a blade, via a Plow Truck.

• The entire job can be "snow blown", upon request.


Benefits of snow blowing:

• Snow is blown, not pushed into large mountains. 

• Reduced top soil relocation from use of the blade

• Grass does not have those bald spots where the plow took away the top soil.


Snow Blowing is Recommended until the ground is frozen. Therefore the Lawn is frozen, and ruts are less likely to appear on the lawn in Spring/Summer.

Once the Ground has frozen, then blades/Plow trucks are recommended for use, as snowfall is generally heavier, and it is a faster snow removal process.

Initial plowing:

• We look for/Confirm hazards with the customer.


• We do a walk through sheet and talk about pricing.


• We plow the driveways wide, so there is room for snow throughout the snow season.

* The width we start with will therefore remain only as wide as the initial plowing, and WILL,

over the course of the season, slowly move inward towards the driveway. 


• We will shovel/ Plow any agreed upon walkways/sidewalks/porches/decks


• Salt [if agreed upon]


We do the Following each visit; unless agreed upon to modify this plan:

We utilize work orders

• Plow Driveway with Plow or Blower


• Shovel/ Blow sidewalks


• Shovel / Blow Steps


• If requested we will apply ice melt

*Additional Fees Apply


• Clear Decks/Porches [As Agreed upon]


* Any 'Extra' work done will be billed separately.

If you want anything extra above/beyond what is agreed upon in the walk-through, for example,

 you want to add a walkway to a garage, or want the roof shoveled.




[Check out this Avalanche video]


[Check out this traditional snow rake video]

Rate is $60/hr with a 1/2 hour minimum [$30]

We use the Avalanche Snow Rake, we have found the process to be faster and additionally it is better for your roof. Traditional snow rakes can damage the shingles because they are a blade design that will hit your roof, the avalanche has wheels on the unit, so it will never touch the roof, or shingles. The avalanche unit will leave a small amount of snow on your roof, but in doing so will not damage our shingles.


We will snow shovel your roof, from the ground where it is safe for our employees, and there is no chance of damaging the home with ladders and other equipment we can fall off of.


After we have shoveled your roof, we will clean the sidewalk/walkways of snow from the roof. 


Our typical roof rake job carries a minimum fee of $30.00 (based on the assumption we will be there 30 or less minutes) and could be a Maximum of $60.00 an hour, on larger projects.


Again: We do not climb onto roofs, so there is a chance that not all areas will be snow free. It depends on your roof. The safety of our employees must come first!



Ice Removal


We chip away the Ice on your steps, porch, deck or other places where it will cause a hazard to personnel.


Our goal is a safe walkway for people to pass.


We will try our hardest to chip all ice off the area, or salt the area for later removal by yourself or a return visit from Bahr Industries.


We will salt all icy areas, if you DO NOT want use melt used on your premises, you must waive ice melt on your "Work order"






Salting will be done on your property unless you indicate on the work order not to


Excessive Salting will be billed hourly, plus cost of salt.


SDS [formerly MDSD] sheets will be given to the customer, if salt is requested. Please read it and stay informed.



For your information you may find a study of the effects of Ice melt by the State of Utah to be helpful


** Prices subject tochange - this is a good estimate however of salt prices - for you to 'self estimate'. 



• We DO NOT move gas grills, trampolines, pallets, bikes, boats, ATV, Trailers, toys or any other hazards from your Lawn/Property. These Items Will me mowed/Plowed around. It is the owner's responsibility to provide us a clean/clear work area to work in.


• Hazards such as your 'city water shut off' should be clearly marked/ or told to your provider as to not damage it during service of your property.




Work Order/ walk through 'form'


Work orders will be utilized to ensure pricing and work is performed correctly.

Hazards not stated on the work order are not the fault of Bahr Industries LLC, and we take NO RESPONCIBILITY FOR.

The property owner/tenant is responsible for damage done to our equipment when they fail to notify us of Hazards.



Your Snow Removal 'work Order/ Receipt' will have the following Statement on the bottom.


"I understand that Bahr Industries does their best to prevent hazards due to Snow/Ice conditions.

I release Bahr Industries of any liability from accidents resulting from maintenance of my property.

It is my responsibility, as a homeowner, to keep the property free of any/all hazards.


My area is free of any obstacles/ obstructions other than listed above.

I authorize the above work to be done.

Payment will be made in accordance to the 'terms above' & approval of the work that has been completed.




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