Collection of Outstanding Debt


Debt to the Company is expected the day work has been completed. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the company the following will be our debt collection procedure.  


• Receipt/ invoice will be made the day of services.


• 10 days from service date, you will receive the second notice


• 20 days from service 3rd notice will be mailed.


• Mike's Odd Jobs, LLC reserves the right to attach a mechanic’s lien against a homeowner’s property for non-payment. At 30 days past due, a formal notice of intent to file this lien will be sent via registered mail. Interest rate of 2% per month begins accruing after day 31 of non payment.


• Mike's Odd Jobs, LLC also reserves the right to enter into civil claims court to collect outstanding debt.

All legal fees incurred will be added to the remaining unpaid balance. This contract is binding.

 Cancellation Fee: 

A $50 cancellation fee will applied to customers who request services from the Company and then cancel services. If the notification is not given within 24 hours from the time services are to be provided. 

Services will not be provided the customer until the service charge has been received by the company. 

Bad Checks

The company will will collect this debt, to the fullest extent of the law. 

•The maximum allowable remedies will be charged including Sending the account to collections

• An additional $50 processing fee will be added for all dishonored checks.