Satisfaction Guaranteed: Mike's Odd Jobs

Lawn Care Snow Removal Professionals 

Serving International Falls, MN 56649

Work orders are utilized to ensure that everything you want done on your job, gets done on your job. This avoids your job being left incomplete. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

         We will not do cut rate work, or work for cut rate wages. We are licensed and insured professionals. If you are looking for a cheap 'lawn/ snow boy', this is not the place. We are confident in making this assumption due to our reputation in the city. Our valued customers enjoy hassle free lawn & snow maintenance, provided by a contractor with an eye for details. Feel confident that you will not have to call us back to your property to finish the job. We have over a 99% satisfaction rate. That is, we have only been recalled to a job once since 2003 to fix a minor problem.[Information current as of 11-18-2017]          That is pretty outstanding and is below the industry average. One recalled error in 15 years. We do a customer quality check/approval before leaving the property to be sure you are satisfied before we leave. 

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         When you find/hire that cheap 'lawn boy' and are not satisfied with their work, please give us a call. We will be happy to provide you excellent service and fix their 'errors'. When you see what we do, and how amazing your lawn looks you will be happy you choose us. 

         We are insured, and licensed professionals. If for some reason we have missed something in the work order, and you are not completely satisfied with our work, we offer a 24 hour guarantee, simply call us and we will come and fix the problem, free of charge.