Bahr Industries Can help you with moving projects:


We can help you move one item or multiple items. We can even move you out of your house.


Moving into your new home? We can unload your moving van!

Moving out of your home? We can help with that too!


Have a bunch of junk in your back yard? We can help HERE


You could even rent a U-Haul and we could help load it so you can take it on the road.


Our Hourly rates: $25/hr [Per man]

Minimum: 2 man; 2 hour minimum, all windshield time is included.


* We WILL NOT pack boxes - that is your responsibility

* We are not responsible for HOW you pack your boxes, or the order in which you send them out the door. We bring boxes to the truck/Trailer. It is up to you to decide how they are to be stacked in/on the vehicle.


You are responsible for LABELING your breakables CLEARLY. We suggest Shipping Labels be applied to the box so the contents can be easily read.

HERE  using various colors can alert movers of there being breakables in the box or applying a Breakable label to the box.



Thank You,


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