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 June 2011

 Minnesota Personal Protection Law. The Basis of this Class. Get to know it, almost to memory. 

 MN 624.714

 Your Instructor Certification went over this pretty well. 

 July 2011

 How to Disarm a Pistol attacker at close Range... Most Attacks are VERY CLOSE quarters! Good to know information. (problem is if he has finger on trigger it seems to me, the gun is going off when your trying to 'twist it off his trigger finger'?

 Krav Maga 


 August 2011

 This is Why we have No Ammunition in the Classroom and Firearms are Clear! 

 Instructor Negligent Discharge


 September 2011

 Learning a proper Push/Pull Tension for the Range. This tension will help a shooter who has a 'shotgun' target go to bullseye if achieved correctly.

 Learning the Push/Pull Tension


 October 2011

 Things that may help get your students back on Target. 

 Hand and Arm Positioning


November 2011

 Let's take a look at the most popular stance I've seen on my Range, the Weaver Stance. If you know how to achieve it, you can teach someone else how to achieve it 'Correctly' 

• Modified Weaver or Chapman Stance          •Isosceles Stance

 Weaver Stance

Modified Weaver

Isosceles Position


 December 2011

 Mossad Ayoob "Shoot To Live" Lots Of Great Information

 Shoot To Live (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

 Take Notes/ Mail Notes as proof of Viewing. (Typed Please) 

 January 2012

 Minnesota Use of Force Law. 

 MN 609.06


 February 2012

 Advancing on a target while shooting. It's an interesting lesson on advancing on a target if you so desire.

 Dis advancing on a target while shooting.

The Kneeling Position as it applies to CCW.

What do you do if you trip or get thrown to your back? How do you shoot? Here's an interesting shooting position to learn 'incase'

 Advancing on a target

Disengaging on a target

Kneeling Position Explained

Shooting on your back


 March 2012

BCA Report on Conceal Carry. Statistics they were allowed to keep. And Report on. 



 April 2012

  This Month We talk about Ballistics: Choose a caliber to view and then go to "Slow motion Video" This is why we Don's carry with FMJ ammunition or a caliber under .380 ACP


 May 2012

  9G Products Bio-Metric Safes

We can sell them in class and make extra cash.

(Call me for your needs, I'll order them and drop ship to you to sell.)

 Safes Advertisement

Programming the Safe


 No Quiz, 

Just program yourself into a safe when you come here or get yours!

 June 2012

 Choosing the Right Ammunition for your Pistol. Good Information for ammunition choice.. Things I didn't know about my Carry Ammunition. Personal Defense ammo is better in every way. 

 Choosing the Right Ammunition for the Pistol


 July 2012

 Protecting yourself in a Home invasion. Good Information to know and relay to CCW Students.

 Protecting yourself during a home invasion


 August 2012

 Good tips on drawing your carry firearm if needed. 

 Drawing a Carry Firearm


 September 2012

 Sizes of Firearms/ Weights Etc. More information to recall during our type or pistol to purchase, caliber/size portion. 

 Light weight guns for CCW


 October 2012

 Here are some tips for shooting one handed... I suggest learning a one handed shot.. from dominant and non-dominant hand. You never know if one hand may become un-serviceable and you will need to go to the other to save your life.

 Shooting one handed


 November 2012

 Reporting a Home Invasion to police.. Great Video this will help you in talking over slides in the PPT. 

 Home Invasion


 December 2012

 ** What about the Aftermath of a Shooting? This is additional information specific to our slide relating to aftermath of a shooting.. If you understand it you can train it better. 

 Aftermath of a Shooting

 There Will be A Quiz

 January 2013

1) No longer will you need to Burn a CD ROM disk for your Students, instead we are giving them this web page  to go to at home and do research. There is additionally no need to give them Sheriffs Application, Florida or VA packet. (Only fingerprint cards) The rest they can go to the web page and print at home on their own, thereby saving you money in Print Costs --->

2) Also Please Burn through your /33 Tests and start Using your /44 Finals found on the websight as well... -->

3) You must go to this page to keep updated on BI things... PPT unfortunately will need to be gotten here, bring a 32G thumb Drive! -->





 Printing Link





 February 2013

Talking about Aim, Trajectory etc. Good Stuff for the Carry Shooter. There are things you may want to talk over with students in Class or on Range.

 What you Didn't learn in CCW Training


 March 2013

 Dayton puts a "Veto" on Minnesota Personal Protectection act of 2011

It used to be online but they pulled it down so you could read the entire thing (update 11-15-13)


leading up to it



 April 2013

 Safely unloading a Firearm is Very Important to us as Instructors and Range Safety Officers! Learn it, Practice it with snap Caps... 

 How to unload a Double Action Revolver

How to unload a Single Action Revolver

How to unload a Semi Automatic Pistol

Ruger MK Series Unloading

How to Unload a Tip up Style Pistol

 June Training, You will be asked to Load and Unload each of these firearms!

 May 2013

 It's very dated: there are some oddities in here, but there is some good information in there... 

 WWII 1911 training

 No Quiz. Just realize this is a dated video. Not all elements apply. Things have come a long way since 1940s 

 June 2013

 Stand your Ground Laws Explained. The Zimmerman Thing!

 Stand your Ground Laws


 July 2013

 See the Awesome Power of the 40 S&W pistol round. This gives you adequate knowledge of what the round can do. you may relay parts of this in general conversation to students/friends/family

 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 40 Caliber Cartridge


 August 2013

 Great Explanation of USE OF DEADLY force. 

 Judicious Use of Deadly Force by Massad Ayoob



 September 2013

 Great Job of talking about what to do when stopped by police. 

 Tips When Stopped By Police With A Firearm


 October 2013

 Gun Owners Legal Defense Network

They offer Instructors $25 for signing up Students. = $$$$


 No Quiz.

Contact Gold'n to sign up

Brian (330) 858-5646 (Tell em your Bahr Ind Instructor)

 November 2013

This Video will help you know more about your Stand your ground rights/laws.

  Stand your Ground Laws

 Take notes on this video (typed) and Email them to me, 2 page or more please. There's tons of information on here... We will discuss this at end of year meeting and add allot more to our PPTt on Reasonable use of force..

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