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Name _________________________________________________________



___ Estimate is for Hourly @ $25/hr [1.66 hour minimum]

___Estimate is 'flat rate' $_________ *Excluding future 'add-on' work

Location of Obstacles _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Area to be Plowed: ________________________________________________________



Where is snow to be piled?:_________________________________________________



___ Check box to Bank house


Ice Melt:   ___ Has been approved    ___has been declined     

___ Customer Does own de-icing


___ Use My Ice Melt      ___ Customer Provides Melt


Trigger for services to be done: ___ Phone Call      ___Snow Accumulation of ______ inches

___ Other: Explain: _________________________________________________________



Must be plowed out by:  Days of the Week &  Times _____________________________



Point of Contact: _________________________________________________________





Payment will be given:

___ upon completion of work       ___ Delayed______________ _______________________


___ SDS given to customer


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree with the following statement made in regards to snow removal services. 


"I understand that Mike's Odd Jobs LLC does their best to prevent hazards due to Snow/Ice conditions.

I release Mike's Odd Jobs LLC of any liability from accidents resulting from maintenance of my property.

It is my responsibility, as a homeowner, to keep the property free of any/all hazards.


I certify that my area is free of any obstacles/ obstructions other than listed above.


I am authorizing the above work to be done.


Payment will be made in accordance to the 'terms above' & approval of the work that has been completed.



___________________________________                   ___________________________________________

Customer                                                         Mike's Odd Jobs



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