The Following Equipment is for Sale by Mike's Odd Jobs

All Items are in Running Order unless noted:




White Front Tine Tiller

Make: Sears


Engine Size:

Width of 'cut':

Price: $__________


Green Front Tine Tiller



Engine Size:

Width of 'cut':

Price: $_____________



Barrel Stove:

Used to be a 1,000 gallon fuel Drum. Has Been Converted to a barrel Stove

Uses a Fleet farm Barrel stove kit for the opening to the stove

Has a welded ___" exhaust pipe on top

Angle Iron feet.

Price: $__________


Gravity Totes:

Size: L___ W_____ H______

Gravity feed is in the bottom of the tote

Quantity = 2

$100 Each


Police Cage:

Fits: 95 Caprice

* Can be modified [different brackets] to fit other full sized models of the era.

Price $75



Until I upload Pictures you can text 218-242-1698 or email