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As you may know we do Government and Non-Government Gunsmithing.

We Work on most makes and Models. 

From your Grandpa's Firearm to your New Firearm, and Everything in Between.

General Shop Rates: HERE

There are two ways I can Receive business: 

By Mail or Drop Off.

Please Call 218-242-1698 


Contact me with your specific needs, & what you have to work on.

I do General Repairs and Cleanings. 

As time goes on I will Try to post projects: 

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 P-08 Luger Project

Bluing & Re-Barreling

Walther PPK Project 

Re-Bluing, and Detailing

Walther P-38 Project 

Re-Bluing and Detailing

Mauser 98                 Caliber 7.62x39 

Ground-up Build

 Mauser 98                       Caliber .308 

Ground up Build From Chinese Action

 M1911 (Multiple Firearms) 


 Marlin Model 60

Clean/Inspect that turned into a Re-Finish

See more of our current projects here


















 Example of what I do: I disassembled this M19111 for Inspection and then Put it back together after a good cleaning. 

 *As of now, I am trying to find a facility to move my gunsmithing operation into in the International Falls, area. I have recently moved back to the area after being gone for 13 years. Therefore at this time I can only do the simple jobs. Cleanings, parts replacing and diagnosis. Which I really feel is 'barely gunsmithing.

Once I am in my new facility [to be determined] I will eventually work my way into all of the below items. It takes a bit of time to secure a building, Permits and machining equipment, please check back from time to time. I really am working hard to provide the services that McEldowny had offered this city in the past.


Future Services:

Full Machine Shop work [Grizzly gunsmithing lathe and Bridgeport Series 1, Vertical mill]

- Including making hard to find gun parts, Sight/ scope mounting, Turning barrels, threading barrels, chambering, to name a few...

Bluing Tanks: I am looking into doing multiple finishes. Including Parkerizing and high polish bluing/ Belgium Bluing and others

Gun Coating: Including Dura-Coating

Recoil Pads

and much more. I just need adequate equipment to do this the right way. I won't do a 'hack' job and make it look/function inadequately.




Also Note: Law Enforcement & Military Discount on Some Labor

I am a NRA life Member -- Become an NRA MEMBER HERE

I was Trained by: The Us Army & Pine Technical College for Small Arms Repair & Machining.


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